Fiddlesticks (Quatsch und die Nasenbär-Bande)

Director(s): Veit Helmer
Country: Germany
Language: German w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2014 | 86 min
Genre: Comedy, Family, Musical
Recommended for all ages

In this lighthearted German farce, the citizens of Bollersdorf take great pride in being perfectly average in everything: weight, age, household members and more. Bollersdorf is so average, in fact, that a market research company uses the town as a testing ground. Fortunately, a ragtag group of kindergarteners known as the Coati Gang, doesn’t fall for it. With the help of their grandparents, the gang sets out to make its town “extra” ordinary using creativity, pluck and ingenuity. A hilarious and heartwarming live-action adventure.

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