At Eye Level (Auf Augenhöhe)

Director(s): Evi Goldbrunner, Joachim Dollhopf
Country: Germany
Language: German w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2016 | 100 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: (intense bullying, coarse language) )

East Coast Premiere

Since the death of his mother, ten-year-old Michi has lived in an orphanage. He never knew his father but imagines him to be all sorts of strong, handsome men that share his passions. Keenly aware that his chances for adoption dwindle the older he gets, Michi’s expectations soar when he comes across evidence in his belongings that might tell him where to find his father. Upon meeting him, the mental image he had does not match the actual man. But does that matter?

Most Uplifting Film 2016, Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival (Moscow)
Kinderfilmfest Audience Award 2016, Munich Film Festival
Special Jury Award 2016, Minsk International Film Festival
Silver Gateway Jury Prize 2016, Mumbai International Film Festival