Director(s): Multiple Directors
Country: Finland, France, Palastine, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United States
Language: Arabic w/ English subtitles, English, Tok-Pisin
Multiple Film Types | 2022-2023 | 81 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Two films have subtitles.)

“Comm-YOU-nity” The title says it all! We live in a world with other people. How do we feel like we fit in… or not? These films are of people (and chickens) trying to figure it all out.

Films and film line-up are subject to change without notice.

THE ABCS OF BOOK BANNING-  (Watch trailer) In recent years, more than 2,500 books have been removed from school districts around the US, labeled as BANNED, RESTRICTED, or CHALLENGED, and made unavailable to millions of students. By no accident, the themes targeted are the usual scapegoats of the American Right – LGBT issues, Black history, and Women’s empowerment – impeding the power of future generations to develop their own thoughts and opinions on critical social issues. By weaving together a lyrical montage of young readers and authors, the ABC’S OF BOOK BANNING reveals the voices of the impacted parties, and inspires hope for the future through the profound insights of inquisitive youthful minds. (2023/ 26.5 min/ USA/ dir. Sheila Nevins/ English)

ATOMIC CHICKEN- A chicken coop set up at the foot of a nuclear power plant sees its daily life turned upside down by a series of comic, cartoon-style mutations. (2023/ 5 min/ France/ dir. Thibault Ermeneux, Lucie Lyfoung, Solène Polet, Capucine Prat, Morgane Siriex, Anna Uglova/ non-verbal)

EASY BUSY- Incoming!!! A meteorite is blasting towards Earth! Would you run and hide, or stay in your peaceful spot by the river and hope for the best?  (2022/ 3.5 min/ Russian Federation/ dir. Ekaterina Ganakh/ non-verbal)

IDODO- Long ago the fish transformed into humans and came onto land to celebrate and dance. Once the sun set, they hurried back into the sea, leaving behind a big mess. Curious as to who occupied the village in their absence, the villagers of one island plan to find out who these uninvited visitors were. What they would soon discover, leaves them astounded and mesmerized. (2022/ 10 min/ Switzerland/ dir. Ursula Ulmi/ English and Tok-Pisin)

THE NIGHT I LEFT AMERICA- While awaiting the results of his mother’s US visa renewal, a teenage immigrant finds himself at a crossroads between holding onto the promise of opportunity in America and embracing the life he left behind in Uganda. (2021/13.5 min/ USA/ dir. Laki Karavias/ English)

NUN OR NEVER!- When a nun unearths a man living underground in her garden, she’s horrified, embarrassed…and intrigued! She’s vowed to stay single, like all nuns do, but she has a serious crush on this guy! Can she keep her feelings secret from the other nuns? (2023/ 11 min/ Finland/ dir. Heta Jäälinoja/ non-verbal)


WALL PIANO- ( بيانو الجدار) ‘Wall Piano’ takes us into a daydream of a young girl who lives under the shadow of a separation wall. Part music video, part magic realism, ‘Wall Piano’ shows a wall as something other than an immovable barrier for a group of children living near the Qalandia checkpoint in Ramallah, Palestine, a frontline of the West Bank conflict. The inspiration for this short film came from 12 year-old ‘Nada’, also featured in the film. ( 2020/ 3 min/ Palestine/ dir. Asma Ghanem, Christopher Marianetti, Alexia Webster/ Arabic and English)