Circus Dreams

Director(s): Signe Taylor
Country: United States
Language: In English
Documentary | 2010 | 82 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Some kids are natural entertainers who have discovered a passion for the circus arts. In “Circus Dreams,” that passion finds fulfillment at Circus Smirkus, the only traveling youth circus in the US, annually assembling the finest young circus performers for its summer tour (including a stop in Rhode Island!). This documentary captures it all, from the grueling auditions to the successful tears of joy in being part of an extraordinary experience. Truly inspiring!

This is not your average group of kids. They are clowns, trapeze artists, jugglers and already accomplished entertainers. Beginning with extraordinary access into the auditioning process, the film highlights the trials and tribulations of a variety of young performers as they polish their acts and nervously await audition results. The 27 who are selected spend the summer together training full-time for what will eventually be 70 performances in 15 towns.

“Circus Dreams” perfectly balances the fun of the circus with insightful, behind-the-scenes drama in a perfect demonstration of what dedication, passion, talent and ambition make possible — no matter your age. No one performer outshines the other, as they all learn valuable lessons about teamwork and positive critique. Director Signe Taylor has captured an inspiring portrait of kids who break free of mainstream stereotypes and reach for their circus dreams.

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PCFF Awards
2012 PCFF Best Feature Film
Boston International Film Festival 2011, Indie Spec Special Recognition Award; Seattle International Film Festival 2011, Best Films4Families; SPROCKETS Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2011, Youth Jury Citation; Vermont International Film Festival 2011, James Goldstone Award; Woods Hole Film Festival, Audience Choice Award

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