I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

Director(s): Seb Montaz
Country: France
Language: French w/ English subtitles
Documentary | 2011 | 41 min
Genre: Action, Adventure
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Use of profanity.)

If heights make you nervous, you might want to find another movie! Tancrède and Julien are two friends on an incredible exploration into the world of free flight. They are pioneers in “highlining” – a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking. Using their fearless skills and experience as climbers, the pair push the boundaries of possibility as they embark on a new evolution of their sport. Some would argue it’s art.

Follow their travels from the Verdon gorge to the skyscrapers of Paris and finally to the spectacular cliffs and fjords of Norway, where the pair put weeks into training for their ultimate test. (It’s hard not to think of Philippe Petit).

Barcelona Sports Film Festival 2012, Best Extreme Sports Film; New Zealand Mountain Film Festival 2012 Award Winner; Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2012, Jury’s Award