Be Strong, Be Kind (2022)

Country: Multi-national
Multiple Film Types | 2019, 2020, 2021 | 85 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: True peril is displayed for a bird (NESTLING), light abuse of animals is depicted (KIKO AND THE ANIMALS) and a father/daughter try to work through the recent death of the Mom (THERE YOU ARE).)

Empathy allows us to understand and share the feelings of others. Some people have it while others… well let’s say they might need to practice. The stories on this reel hopefully inspire you to see/feel things from another person’s perspective. They include a boy trying to save a starling from being harmed by thrown rocks (NESTLING); a young girl giving up her candy money so that an elderly man can purchase some milk (MILK); and an animal rescuer sharing her experiences with the adoption of handicapped animals (SANCTUARY). Being kind is being strong!

PEARL DIVER – Love, in all its often frustrating mystery, is on full display in these
Antarctic tales. (2020 / 9 mins / Norway / dir. Margrethe Danielsen / no dialogue / all ages)

CHLOE EXPLAINS DOWN SYNDROME – A little girl who has Down’s syndrome explains the condition in a way her peers can understand. (2021 / 4 mins / UK / dir. Alex Amelines / in English / all ages)

SHOOM’S ODYSSEY – Shooom, a baby owl hatches just as a storm turns the bayou surrounding her tree upside down, knocking her from her nest. Now she’s determined to find a mother… even if that mom turns out to be an alligator or a raccoon! (2019 / 26 mins / France / dir. Julien Bisaro / a small part is in French w/English subtitles / all ages)

MILK – When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart. (2021 / 5 mins / New Zealand / dir. Celia Jaspers / in English / all ages)

KIKO AND THE ANIMALS – When Kiko shows up, the animals fear his bullying ways. But when he needs help, will they step in? ( 2021 / 7 mins / France / dir. Yawen Zheng / in English / all ages)

NESTLING – A lonely old man finds a devoted companion in a baby bird that fell from its nest. As can be the case, when an animal loses fear of humans they become susceptible to possible harm… and possibly more care. (2020 / 7 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Marat Narimanov / no dialogue / ages 10+)

THERE YOU ARE – Her mother’s death is no longer fresh, but Su still struggles as she watches her dad’s life move forward. Can Su allow her mother to become a cherished memory for them both? (2021 / 6 mins / USA / dir. Rui Huang / in English / ages 10+)

SANCTUARY – An animal rescuer talks about her experience with families adopting handicapped animals. Sometimes it’s more like the animal is adopting the family. This animated short si based on true adoption stories. (2021 / 5 mins / Czech Republic / dir. Eva Matějovičová / in Slovak w/English subtitles / all ages)

KIKI THE FEATHER – Kiki the canary longs to be free. One day, he gets his chance when his cage is left open. After one scary night, a fellow feathered friend takes him under his wing. (2021 / 6 mins / France / dirs. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville)