Director(s): Gints Zilbalodis
Country: Latvia
Language: English or no dialogue
Animation | 2019 | 75 min
Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: 10+)

A fairytale-like adventure that feels like part dream, part reality. A young man crash lands on a mysterious island and has to travel across it to find his way out. The challenge is not to get caught by a giant creature that won’t stop pursuing him. Whether the creature is real or just a manifestation of our hero’s inner demons is up for debate. There is  something rather rudimentary about the animation itself but the aesthetic only adds to the film’s strange and absorbing power, creating a hypnotizing atmosphere that, in its best moments, manages to spirit us away. Not a word is spoken but the film score speaks volumes. 

Latvia  / 2019 / no dialog / 75 min / Ages 10+ (malevolent creature that will not stop chasing) 


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Annecy Festival (France) 2019- Winner Contrechamp Award
Anima Mundi International Film Festival (Brazil) 2019 - Winner Best Feature For Children
Latvian National Film Festival 2019 - Winner Best Animated Feature
Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (France) 2019 - Winner Best Animated Feature

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