7 Days in Slow Motion

Director(s): Umakanth Thumrugoti
Country: India
Language: Hindi w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2009 | 100 min
Genre: Comedy
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: Cultural differences in child rearing and emotional disturbances expressed.)

In a week-long comic journey, young Ravi sets out to make a Bollywood film with his schoolmates; writes a ransom note; casts a heroine; uses creative ways to engage his friends in his film during the ever-stressful exam season; reveals the darker side of his friends and family; and keeps his mother thinking that all his hard work was towards his final exams. Set in a middle-class India, where the pressure of examinations is the most defining aspect of a parent and child’s life during school years, this movie deftly balances humor with life lessons.

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