50 Years of Polish Animation for Children

Director(s): Mutiple
Country: Poland
Language: Polish and Russian w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2009 | 65 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

1958-2008 FROM ALE KINO!
Digital projection

Funny, visually unique, accompanied by music from the greatest Polish composers, this sampling of short films from Poland will delight all ages. The collection comes to us from the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!,Poland’s largest and oldest festival of films for children and young people. Ale Kino!made these films available to PCFF in celebration of their 40th anniversary and our inauguration.

“Mouse and Cat” was the audience favorite at the RISD Museum’s Free-For-All Saturday “Line-Up” of films in November 2009.

Mouse and Cat
Poland, 1958 / Director: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki / 9 min
A mouse accidentally brings a drawing of a cat to life. The string-like outline of the cat shape-shifts into other characters. When a mad chase takes place, the audience may well wonder if the colorful mouse will be clever enough to outwit his linear foe.

A Striped Adventure
Poland, 1960 / Director: Alina Maliszewska) / 11 min
A film about how two unusual elephants, one with horizontal stripes, the other with vertical stripes, find a place for themselves.

The Crossbow
Poland, 1963 /Director: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki / 10 min
From the series “Lolek and Bolek.” Inspired by a television film about William Tell , Bolek and Lolek decide to copy the legendary scene with the apple.

Maluch the Little Car
Poland, 1965 / Lucjan Dembriński / 8 min
Taken to school by his mother the tank truck and his father the crane truck, Little Car decides to play truant.

Barnaby the Dragon
Poland, 1977 / Director: Tadeusz Wilkosz / 10 min
A story of an eccentric dragon with a sweet tooth.

The Spinner
Poland, 2005 / Director: Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz / 3 min
The story of how flax is transformed into a beautiful piece of linen.

Poland, 2007-8 / Magdalena Osińska / 13 min
A boy and a girl set out on an expedition to pick a strawberry hanging on a tree. They discover that even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome thanks to love.