2015 Youth Filmmaker Showcase: Multi-Regional Edition

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: Some w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types, Youth Filmmaker | 2014 | 85 min
Recommended for ages 13+, 8+ (Parental Guidance: Part 1: Shorts appropriate for ages 8 +. Part 2: Shorts contain more mature content appropriate for ages 13 +)

PCFF is committed to nurturing the work of young “amateur” filmmakers and so is proud to present a juried program of films all made by youth—from here in Rhode Island and around the world—and to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to talk about both the fun and the challenges they face during the creative process. This exciting screening is designed to encourage talented and committed up-and-coming young filmmakers, and to inspire those who are just thinking about it.

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

Please note: This program is split into two parts.

Youth Filmmaker Showcase Multi-regional Edition (Part 1, Ages 8+)

  • My Grandpa is a Diver
    Grandpa raised four children as a carpenter. It was a difficult way to make a living but our family was very happy. When Grandpa finally retired he had a bad stroke. A few years later, two grandchildren who went through Grandpa’s bedridden time commemorate him in an unusual way.
    Taipei, Taiwan – 2014 / Chinese w/English subtitles / Dirs. Jian-Syun L. and Jian-Hao C. (ages 14 and 13) / 7 min
  • Unhappily Ever After
    A teenage boy tries to break up with his imaginary girlfriend.
    Albany, NY – 2014 / Dir. Tiffany S. (age 14) / 3 min
  • Mask
    A video art piece about society’s pressure on women to alter their appearance.
    Studio City, California – 2014 / Dir. Katie S. (age 14) / 1 min
  • Triforce of Desire 
    Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? These high school nerds are going to win Annabelle Winchester’s love even if it takes their last galleon!Studio City, California – 2015 / Dirs. Lauralee H., Brad P.,August H., Isaac S. & Zara S. (ages 12 thru 16) / 6 min
  • A Pizza the Size of the Sun
    A whimsical interpretation of Jack Prelutsky’s poem in which a girl makes a giant imaginary pizza.
    Studio City, California – 2013 / Dir. Dora P. (age 15) / 2 min
  • Alex and the Lucky Gum
    A socially awkward teenage boy will discover a special pack of gum which will change his perspective.
    Providence, RI – 2014 / Dir. Amy V. (age 16) / 6 min
  • Free Running in Baltimore
    Tyson is a young man that loves free running and parkour, activities that involve finding acrobatic ways of moving through urban spaces. However, in this short film, Tyson explains how he often feels unsafe doing his favorite activity in his native city of Baltimore, MD.
    Baltimore, MD – 2014 / Dir. Tyson S-G. (age 16) / 2 min
  • Take A Nap
    A teenaged boy tries to take a nap but is having some trouble doing so.
    Ontario, Canada – 2014 / Dir. Anton W. (age 17) / 2.5 min
  • The Great Magician
    This short film captures a love between generations expressed both in words… and card tricks!
    São Paulo, Brazil – 2014 / Portuguese w/ English subtitles / Dir. Pietro L. (age 17) / 7 min
  • Hands 
    A celebration of hands and all that they do in our lives.
    Studio City, California – 2013 / Dir. Katie E. (age 17) / 3 min
  • Food Fight
    Food Fight explores the challenges of eating healthy amidst inner city food deserts. By telling the stories of people who are growing their own food and engaging in the battle for food justice, this short documentary shows us that another way is possible.
    Albany, NY – 2014 / Dirs. Ejanaii C. and Nyzeria B. (age 17) / 10 min

Youth Filmmaker Showcase Multi-regional Edition (Part 2, Ages 13+)

  • Care
    What does it feel like to be a teenager growing up in the British child care system? This short film presents several rough and sensitive viewpoints produced by three young women the story is very relevant to.
    London, England – 2014 / Dir. Michaela O. (age 14) / 3 min
    Parental Guidance: Language and tough threats of violence.
  • The Giant Four
    This very comical short film contains some valuable and practical messages. After depicting four different scenes of misunderstandings between a boy and his parent… a narrator on the scene interprets the signals that might help lead them to a better outcome.
    Salerno, Italy – 2014 / Italian w/ English subtitles / Dirs. Biagio De G., Pasquale L. , Valerio L., Ludovica S. (ages 11-13) / 12 min
    Parental Guidance: Frank discussions about cigarettes & birds n’ the bees.
    At age six, Jan was miraculously revived after her body was retrieved from the frozen river that took her parents. Now, after a lifetime of experiencing visions of others’ pain and suffering, thirteen year old Jan hopes to intervene on fate and prevent a murder.
    Ottawa, Canada – 2014 / Dir. Morgana M. (age 14) / 8 min
    Parental Guidance: Scenes of graphic violence.
  • The Last Zombie Standing
    Following the start of the zombie apocalypse, Ted, his girlfriend Laura, and his stepsister Kate, fight to try to survive on their own. These teenagers took on the start of the apocalypse with a strong mind and a strong will, but once reality hit them they begin to crumble and fall. Will the three teenagers survive on their own?
    Columbia, MO – 2014 / Dir. Harleigh W. (age 17) / 12.5 min
    Parental Guidance: Zombies kill and eat people… ‘nuf said.
  • An Addiction
    A film about technology and the growing control it has in our lives, An Addiction is the story of a quiet girl who must overcome her dependency to her devices and her boyfriend in a world that doesn’t want her to.
    Calabasas, CA – 2014 / Dir. Jeffrey F. (age 17) / 8 min