2015 PCFF Shorts Collection: Middle/High School-Vol. 2

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: Some w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2014 | 67 min
Recommended for ages 13+

Your Shorts are Showin’ (YSAS)

PCFF proudly presents this year’s YSAS programs. We have compiled three age-specific reels of short films. Some of these films were chosen by our jury and others invited by our Director of Programming. We hope you enjoy this wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals, and documentaries. Filmmakers may be in attendance!

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

  • In The Coat’s Pocket
    Luke’s battle to protect his Princess hand puppet along with his puppet comrades, King Benjamin and Squire Spartacus, serves as an allegory for the domestic abuse he is witnessing. In The Coat’s Pocket has won many national and international awards at children’s film festivals.
    Italy, 2014 / Italian w/English subtitles / Dir. Marco di Gerlando / 12 min
  • A Boy’s Prayer
    A 17 year old, sports obsessed, young man meets a mysterious, beautiful young woman working behind a garbage truck. After getting forced together on a mission to find lost reading glasses (to save her job) he comes to learn why she was working a garbage truck and she finds a young man to inspire to live his dream… to be a sportscaster!
    Taiwan, 2014 / Chinese w/English subtitles / Dir. Chao Koi-Wang / 29 min
  • Be the Tortoise
    You are never too old (or young) to be reminded of the Tortoise and the Hare lesson.
    USA, 2014 / Issimo Productions / 3 min
  • Zomposting
    If your first thought was Zombies + Composting… well you figured out this nifty, tongue in cheek documentary! (Hopefully it’s yer own tongue.) Developed for Southside Community Land Trust in Providence, local, organic zombies were enrolled to help convey the message of why and how to compost.
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Mike Bell / 6 min
  • Monocular Man: My Eye and Saturn V
    A unique, hand drawn neon animation narrated by Providence native, R. Jim. Stahl, about the tale of Jimmy who loses an eye but is able to see more than most. Drawings by Ellen Stedfeld.
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Jack Feldstein / 17 min