2015 PCFF Shorts Collection: Elementary School-Vol. 2

Country: Multi-national
Language: Some w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2013-14 | 80 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: See films for details.)

PCFF proudly presents this year’s YSAS programs. We have compiled three age-specific reels of short films. Some of these films were chosen by our jury and others invited by our Director of Programming. We hope you enjoy this wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals, and documentaries. Filmmakers may be in attendance!

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

  • Only Gilt
    Eleven year old Gary is smitten with the girl next door. Upon discovering her dead budgie in his dog’s mouth, he desperately tries to fix the unfixable or suffer wearing a birdcage on his head as punishment for his beloved dog’s deed.
    Australia, 2014 / Dir. Lara Del Arte / 11 min
  • Just Breathe
    Adults can learn much from the wisdom of children. This short film captures kids defining how anger makes them feel and how they know a way to make it go away.
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Julie Bayer and Josh Salzman / 4 min
  • Chikara- The Sumo Wrestler’s Son
    This is a true story of a small boy (Chikara) who is attempting to follow his father’s footsteps into the high pressured, very competitive, sumo wrestling world. When a parent’s past pursuit becomes their child’s current one the results are not always easy to take.
    Denmark-Japan, 2013 / Japanese w/English subtitles / Dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont / 32 min
  • Wind
    In this animated short a dramatic, constant wind blows creating strange yet effective behaviors of the people subjected to the gusts. Only when the wind stops do things get “unnatural”.
    Germany, 2013 / Dir. Robert Löbel / 4 min
  • Immortals in the Sky Delivering New Baby
    A sensitive and beautifully animated homage to the director’s grandmother and her art of folk embroidery.
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Han Han Li / 5 min
  • Diwali
    Jay finds a giant swastika drawn on his family’s car on the morning of Diwali. He must convince his parents that the symbol will send the wrong message to his friend Sasha, who is on her way to give him a ride to school.
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Raj Trivedi / 3 min
  • I’ve Just Had a Dream
    Two girls. Two cultures. Two visions. One dream. They say that dreams are dreams. The only thing that makes them different is the person who dreams.
    Spain, 2013 / Spanish-Arabic w/English subtitles / Dir. Javi Navarro / 8 min
  • The Revenge of Scooter
    Captain Stevens and Ensign Lopez fly their spacecraft back to Earth after completing their mission of recovering the “granulated fructose discs” (chocolate chip cookies). Was Engineer Scooter left behind on purpose for more cookies?!
    USA, 2014 / Dir. Jimmy Monack / 9 min