2014 Youth Filmmaker Showcase

Director(s): Multiple
Country: United States
Language: In English
Multiple Film Types, Youth Filmmaker | 2013 | 60-70 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

This show includes 2014 Workshop Reel*

PCFF is committed to nurturing the work of young “amateur” filmmakers and so is proud to present a juried program of films all made by youth—from here in Rhode Island and around the world—and to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to talk about both the fun and the challenges they face during the creative process. This exciting screening is designed to encourage talented and committed up-and-coming young filmmakers, and to inspire those who are just thinking about it.

Thanks to the filmmakers who joined us on February 16, 2014 for post-screening discussions: Dylan Itkin & Ethan Itkin, Thomas Saccoccio, and Salome Tkebuchava

  • Robot and Boy
    USA (Rhode Island), 2013 / Dir. Dylan Itkin & Ethan Itkin / 24 min
  • The Golf Story: A Short Film
    USA (Rhode Island), 2013 / Dir. Cameron Harrington / 3 min
  • COPZ
    Australia, 2013 / Dir. Tara Amoroso-Phillips & Madison Paynter / 5 min
  • Transforming the Rails
    USA (Rhode Island), 2013 / Dir. Thomas Saccoccio / 7 min
  • Bad Day
    USA (Massachusetts), 2013 / Dir. Salome Tkebuchava / 19 min
  • The Girl, The Boy and The Bucket
    Australia, 2013 / Dir. Paige Ford / 6 min
  • Cat Power
    USA (Washington), 2013 / Reel Grrls Workshop / 1 min
  • Breaking the Mirror
    USA (Washington), 2013 / Zenia Pakker-Kozicki, Lily Reed & Ellie Dynes / 3 min

    *2014 PCFF Workshop Reel
    Work from all February Filmmaking workshops @ RISD will be presented on one continuous reel.