2011 PCFF Shorts Collection: Elementary School Edition

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: In English
Multiple Film Types | 2010 | 60 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Your Shorts Are Showin’ (YSAS)

PCFF proudly presents this reel of shorts that were submitted or invited to our 2011 festival. These films are a wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals and narratives. Some of these filmmakers are as young as YOU!

The Legend of Geb and Nut
UK, 2009 / Dir. Laura Ratta /5 min / English/ digital projection
The fairy tale is based on an Egyptian myth. The story narrates the love between Geb, the Earth god, and Nut, the goddess of the sky. Although their love for each other is passionate and innocent, there are things beyond their control that keep them apart, a mysterious secret in the god’s palace.

Slap Back Jack: High Five Master
USA, 2010 / Dir. Mark Newell, / 11 min / English / digital projection
This kid-friendly stop-motion short is narrated in rhyme. Professional baseball players have coaching for hitting, pitching and running. Superstar player Bub Stocky needs coaching for something only Coach Slap Back Jack can provide: his celebratory high-five moves after hitting the ball well. Can Bub train away his clumsy and embarrassing moves? Oh, the suspense!

El Salon Mexico
USA & Mexico, 2010 / Dir. Paul Glickman /13 min / digital projection
A gorgeous tribute to music and culture: The lively composition created by Aaron Copland surrounds this magical story of Antonito, who sneaks out of his home at night with his burro and rooster. The film is a celebration of the Mexican culture as well as a tribute to Copland.

Lost and Found
UK, 2009 / Dir. Philip Hunt / 25 min / English / digital projection
This film is certain to be a crowd favorite at this year’s festival. It’s not just your ordinary penguin-meets-boy story: Oh, no. It’s a journey to find what everyone seeks … friendship. One need not travel oceans to find it, but for these two that’s exactly what it took.

New Spirit
USA, 2010 / Dir. Graeme Steller / 3 min /digital projection
“New Spirit” is a locally made video synchronizing yo-yo moves with music in a very theatrical way. Full of moves and high energy, this short film will inspire you.

Murphy’s Shorts
USA, 2009 / Dir. Todd Hemker / 2 min / digital projection
A family watches a boy, who is very impressed with himself, confidently show off his moves on a high diving board. All seems to go according to plan until he enters the water … Oh, the drama!