activity reel

Activity Reel Film Strip

CALL THE SHOTS   Storyboarding, framing & more!

  • Storyboard: Storyboard the movie you saw or your own movie
  • Frame your shot! Use the Cardboard Camera or Make a Shot List

PROMOTE A MOVIE   Create a poster, trailer & hype!

  • Make-a-poster activity
  • Make-a-trailer activity
  • Write your own tagline for the movie

BE A FILM CRITIC   Write a review & ask questions!

  • Write a film review
  • Analyze filmmaker choices
  • Interview the characters

SOUNDTRACK REMIX   Tune in to what you hear!

  • Sound on, sound off
  • Pick new music to score your film
  • Write new dialogue

MAKE A MOVIE   Tell your own story!

  • Animate! Storyboard, Flipbook or Stop-motion
  • Make a documentary: Storyboard, Vox pop, and b-roll
  • Remake!