April 23rd



150 Empire St,  Providence, RI 02903   (401) 455-8000
 Face masks are mandatory. All shows are free! Registration links are below.



Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00am – (multi-national / 75 mins / Parental Guidance:  suggested for All Ages) To animate something is to give it the illusion of having life. The materials animators “bring to life” are unlimited. This year LET’S GET ANIMATED includes a film that uses match sticks to tell the entire story (Mitch Match: Episode #6); a cat formed out of clay that, well, behaves like a cat (MAGICAL CAT); and a stop-motion animation capturing what people do in an elevator when they are alone (ELEVATOR ALONE)…. plus more! Animation is a labor of love and you will see it in every film here.

Special Q&A with director Ayano Tanaka of IRO IRO TREE.






Saturday, April 22nd at 12:00pm –(multi-national / 77 mins / Parental Guidance: Suggested for 10+, very candid discussions about sexual identity in I AM SKYLAR)   This program celebrates stories of unique, fun, and ferocious folks who are rejecting stereotypes and living their authentic selves. Stories on this reel include a boy who wants to wear a dress to his First Communion (JUST JOHNNY); a documentary reconsidering the symbolism of hair on our bodies (BRISTLING); and a young child that recalls the moment when she told her mother “I am not a girl” (JOYCHILD). These are thought-provoking films that leave you thinking long after the credits roll.  REGISTER HERE