2011 festival film list

Winner! 2011 Best Feature Award: Eleanor’s Secret
Winner! 2011 Best Short Award: Lost and Found

Aardman Animation Retrospective
Ages 9 and up. (UK, 1987-2010) / in English / digital projection / 74 mins. / One violent themed story in W&G.

Come check out a variety of creative films that cover a period unofficially referred to as “PP” (Pre-Pixar). Wallace and Grommit are the best known (and are included here with their latest film) but there are some notable claymation predecessors that many kids of a new, young generation are completely unaware of.

This brilliant collection of short films includes the Academy Award winning Creature Comforts, the NYICFF Grand Prize winning Humdrum and A Matter of Loaf and Death, plus Rex the Runt, Shaun the Sheep, and other mini masterpieces encompassing 25 years of creative output from Nick Park, Peter Lord, Richard Goleszowski, Peter Peake, Chris Sadler and the other claymation geniuses at Aardman Animations.

These inspired plasticine creations embody the best of Aardman’s slyly subversive wit and expressive style, and bubble over with a warmth and humanity that only such lovingly handmade films can convey.
Chandani- The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer
Ages 7 and up. Director Arne Birkenstock (Germany, Sri Lanka 2010) / in English w/some subtitles / digital projection / 87 mins

The 16 year-old Chandani has a burning desire: She wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a mahout, a traditional elephant caretaker in Sri Lanka. Customarily a job only for men, all the other mahouts around her doubt her abilities and oppose her plans. This is a small story with much large implications… If Chandani succeeds she will be the first female mahout ever. Some of the most powerful scenes are the ones when nothing is spoken. SRI LANKA’S VERY OWN REAL LIFE “WHALE RIDER” STORY – DOCUMENTARY EDGE.

The Crocodiles
Ages 11 up. Director Christian Ditter, (Germany, 2009) / in German w/English subtitles / 92 mins. / Strong language, challenging scenes domestic/family life.

It all occurs in a contemporary small town around a closed down factory. Bored tween friends, some coming from broken homes, are looking for creative ways to spend their time building forts, issuing dares and teasing one another. If you had the sound off it would look like Smalltown USA, not Smalltown Germany! The Crocodiles is the name of their gang of 11 year olds and a newcomer (uses a wheelchair) wants in. Part Outsiders, part Hardy Boys, part Stand By Me, this fast paced film has some classic elements and adds a larger message of breaking down stereotypes. Please be warned that the dialogue is stronger than an American audience may be used to. There is a domestic abuse scene. Slurs and stereotypes are expressed. However, this difficult dialogue is not used for shock value. It is part of the larger and more important narrative of kids learning how hurtful their exclusionary actions and hateful words can be… then making amends for their previous beliefs through their own experiences.

Winner of the White Elephant award at the Munich International Children’s Film Festival.

Eagle Hunter’s Son
Ages 10 and up. Director Rene Bo Hansen, (Sweden, 2009) / Kazakh and Mongolian w/English subtitles / 87 mins. / Tense situations and cultural child rearing differences.

Filmed against the sweeping landscapes of the remote Mongolian mountains on the border with Kazakhstan, this story of self-discovery introduces us to Bazarbai, a 12-year-old nomadic boy who dreams of joining his brother in the city of Ulan Batar to make his fortune. His father, however, has other plans: to teach his son the trade of eagle hunting, a generations-long family tradition. Bazarbai does indeed travel to the city, carrying his father’s aging eagle with him. When the bird is taken from him, the boy realizes his strong bond, not only with the bird, but also to his family. A metaphor for his own life’s path, Bazarbai’s journey leads him through dangers and temptations to finally accept responsibilities he must claim as his own. Therein he also discovers his own path and the possibilities that lie in wait. Heartwarming and thoughtful, the cinematography of this exotic story plays a crucial role, as we are dazzled and moved by spectacular scenes of soaring eagles in their native habitat.

Ages 7 and up. Directed by: Mieke de Jong, (Holland, 2010) / in Dutch w/English subtitles / digital projection / 80 mins.

It is safe to say you have NOT seen a film like this before. EEP! is based on a book with a familiar premise… An unexpected central character appears whose mere presence inspires the people she meets to reflect on their own lives to find more happiness. The ethereal and acclaimed actress Kenadie Joudin-Bromley takes this movie to another place. By using what some could see as a physical obstacle (primordial dwarfism), this Canadian eight year old, creates a character you will lovingly remember.

It is an imaginative and beautifully shot film. A bird watcher, Warre (Huub Stapel), finds a little living creature in the grass under a tree and no adult bird around to claim her. He brings her to his wife, Tine (Joke Tjalsma), who insists this will be their child whom she will raise. They name her Beedie and we follow her quick growth into bird/human maturity. Now things get even more interesting. Her bird like instincts are strong and they must keep a close eye on her not to flock with other birds. When finally she succeeds on springing the coop the fruitless attempts to bring her back end up bringing many people together in wonderful (many times comic) ways.

There are no special effects used for this tiny bird child — except her feathered arms. The part is played by Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley who has primordial dwarfism, suffered by less than 100 people in the world. Born at 2 1/2 lbs and not expected to live more than a few days, Kenadie is now 8 years old and an international movie star. She is called by m any a little angel and her effect on people cannot be denied. Now her legacy not only includes a documentary about her shown on cable and PBS stations, but also this wonderful children’s film.

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Huub Stapel, Joke Tjalsma, Diederik Ebbinge, Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley, Madelief Vermeulen, Ties Dekker

Eleanor’s Secret
All Ages. Director Dominique Monfrey,(France, 2009) / dubbed in English / digital projection / 76 mins

As the PCFF film jury ballots were coming in…not only was this film very highly scored… many commented that this should be our opening night film…and so it has become!! Academy-Award®-nominated French animator Dominique Monfery celebrates the joy of reading in his imaginative new feature. Seven-year-old Nat can’t read, making his inheritance of Aunt Eleanor’s collection of books immensely disappointing. Despite his love of having Eleanor read to him, his disinterest encourages his parents to sell the collection to a greedy collector. Once sold, Nat discovers that the library contained only first editions and even more, that the fictional characters come to life. If the books leave the library, the characters will fade into oblivion and leave the world without stories forever. After he is magically shrunken to the size of the storybook characters, Nat joins Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and other classic literary friends in a race against time to return the books to the library. Unfortunately, even if the books get back to the library, Nat is the only one who can read a secret incantation that will save his tiny friends. With its creative narrative using literary icons, colorful animation, and an uplifting musical score, Eleanor’s Secret will quickly win the hearts and imaginations of avid readers and film lovers alike.
Exploding Girl
Ages 14 and up. Director Bradley Rust Gray (USA, 2010) / English / digital projection / 80 mins.

Sometimes a carefully placed kiss on the cheek can stay with you longer than a clumsier vampire’s bite to the neck. This first feature “starring” Zoe Kazan (It’s Complicated, Revolutionary Road) is on one level a very simple story, a look at a the quiet emotional crises a 20-year-old college student (Ivy) goes through on spring break. But it has been crafted with such a skilled, subtle hand that it holds our interest without noticing how it’s done. The film confronts the mysteries of everyday life by focusing not on life’s dramatic moments but on the low-key spaces in between. With all of the awkwardness that never makes it into a Hollywood film… this is a great film for teens coming of age to see with Mom or Dad.

“This quietly poetic little gem contains many beautiful things, not least of which is leading lady Zoe Kazan, who lets every scene billow and swirl around her effortlessly.” Joe Neumaier – New York Daily News

“The Exploding Girl” is a lovely, languorous film that does much with little and leaves you feeling like you’ve witnessed some minor miracle. Kazan’s done some good work in supporting roles, but this should put her on the map as the real deal.” Laura Clifford – Reeling Reviews

Gus Outdoors: Lizard Town
All ages. / Director Sean Nightingale, (USA, 2010) / digital projection / 30 mins.

He’s baaack! After last year’s acclaimed film Gull Island Gus has returned in full form with his latest nature series installment. This time it is a quest to the Bahamas to meet some of the country’s many spectacular creatures. Children will be captivated as Gus explores the pristine islands in search of lizards, iguanas and snakes. To cool off, Gus plunges into the gem-like-water and snorkels with the beautiful sea-creatures. Gus Outdoors is an adventurous mix of animal identification and personal encounters that delivers an entertaining, yet educational presentation that will give children a tremendous respect for nature.

Kid Flix 2010
(Best of NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival)
All ages. (2010) / in English or musical non-dialogue / digital projection / 65 mins.

This compilation contains the best of this year’s New York Children’s Film Festival Shorts for the youngest crowd (ages 3-8). You will recognize one of the shorts from our festival last year and be introduced to a new slate of wonderful films traveling the world’s festival circuit. The program features musical and narrative works from USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

Sweden / Animated, Alicja Jaworski, 2009, 7 min
Bouncy little Booo wants to play with the bigger bunnies and tries his best to keep up, despite their taunts and teases, But when the older bunnies get into trouble with a scary dog, Booo gets to show them what he is made of.

Electric Car
USA / Animated, Max Porter/Ru Kuwahata, 2009, 3.5 min
This insanely catchy music video from They Might Be Giants uses mixed media animation, as an electric car rolls across the landscape and a girl and her dog welcome the world to join them on a journey into a new day.

Lost and Found
UK / Animated, Phillip Hunt, 2008, 24 min
A sweet and tender tale of love and adventure, based on the award-winning book by Oliver Jeffers. A young boy finds a penguin at his doorstep and decides to return him to the South Pole in a handmade rowboat, encountering along the way a tremendous storm, indifferent oil tankers, and a giant octopus who turns out to be a friend.

The Happy Duckling
UK / Animated, Gili Dolev, 2008, 9 min
In this colorful computer animated film designed to look like a pop-up book, a boy is pursued by a very persistent duck who does not realize the danger he is in.

Milk Drinking Contest
Switzerland / Animated, Maikki Kantola, 2008, 3 mins
A silly music video shows what life is like for kids on a Swiss milk farm.

Cherry On The Cake
UK / Animated, Hyebin Lee, 2009, 7.5 min
It’s Cherry’s birthday and she’s excited about spending it with her family. But Mom and Dad and Sister and Brother are all caught up in the own worlds, and the smaller Cherry feels, the smaller she gets. Will she disappear all together?

Laban, The Little Ghost
Sweden / Animation, Lasse Persson, 2007, 5 min
Laban is a very small ghost in a very large castle. He lives there with Mother and Father and his little sister Labolina. Laban is happy and well-loved little ghost, except for one problem: he is not very good at scaring people.

Bigbox Singsong John
Canada / Animated, Warren Brown, 2009, 1 min
His name is John. He’s not a leprechaun. He just happens to think a pipe and a hat are cool.

Sweden / Animated, Kristofer Strom, 2008, 5 min
Super cool, color-saturated blob-like creatures whack each other on the had, throb and weave to a techno vibe, against a live action urban backdrop.

Louder Than A Bomb
Ages 13 up. Directors Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel (USA, 2010) / English / digital projection / 99 mins / Some strong language and hard life experiences conveyed.

LOUDER THAN A BOMB is a film about passion, competition, teamwork, and trust. It’s about the joy of being young, and the pain of growing up. It’s about speaking out, making noise, and finding your voice. It also just happens to be about poetry. Every year, more than six hundred teenagers from over sixty Chicago area schools gather for the world’s largest youth poetry slam, a competition known as “Louder Than a Bomb”. Founded in 2001, Louder Than a Bomb is the only event of its kind in the country—a youth poetry slam built from the beginning around teams. Rather than emphasize individual poets and performances, the structure of Louder Than a Bomb demands that kids work collaboratively with their peers, presenting, critiquing, and rewriting their pieces. To succeed, teams have to create an environment of mutual trust and support. For many kids, being a part of such an environment—in an academic context—is life-changing. Two poets from the film will in attendance for Q&A.

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Ages 8 and up. / Director Adrià García, (Spain 2007) 80 mins / in English / digital projection.

What is it that makes night so mysterious? What makes us fall asleep and dream? In Nocturna a colorful group of creatures work to make the night time a magical place where anything and everything is possible. Tim’s unexpected visit to this world leads him to explore strange new places led by his new found friends in his search for the lost stars. This very creative Spanish film has the feel of the Triplets of Belleville if it were directed by Tim Burton.

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Party Mix 2010
(Best of NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival)
All ages. (2010) / in English or musical non-dialogue / digital projection / 74 mins.

This compilation contains the best of this year’s New York Children’s Film Festival Shorts for slightly older audiences (ages 5-12). You will be introduced to a new slate of wonderful films traveling the world’s festival circuit. The program features musical and narrative works from USA, UK, Finland, France and Canada.

France / Animated, Bocabeille/Chanioux/Delabarre/Marchand/Marmier/Mokhberi, 2007, 3 min
This Oscar-nominated underwater adventure is a highlight of recent French animation.

Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf & Death
UK / Animated, Nick Park, 2009, 30 min
Wallace & Gromit have started a new bread baking business, and although business is booming, Gromit is concerned by the news that a dozen local bakers have ‘disappeared’ this year – but Wallace isn’t worried. He’s too distracted and ‘dough-eyed’ in love with former beauty and bread enthusiast, Piella Bakewell. While they enjoy being the ‘Toast of the Town’, Gromit soon realises his master’s life is in jeopardy, and turns sleuth to solve the escalating murder mystery – in what quickly becomes A Matter of Loaf and Death!

French Roast
France / Animated, Fabrice O. Joubert, 2008, 8 min
In a fancy Parisian Cafe, an uptight businessman is about to pay for the check when he finds out that he’s lost his wallet. To save time he decides to order more coffee. Nominated for an Academy Award.

A Film About Poo
UK / Animated, Ann Wilkins, 2009, 1.5 min
A film about poo and the things you should and shouldn’t do.

Western Spaghetti
USA / Mix, Pes, 2008, 2 min
Another remarkable and whimsical stop-motion treat from mixed-media artist Pes shows how a meal can be made with everyday objects.

The Battle of Nature
Canada / Animated, Nat Dart , 2008, 3 min
In ruined world where mankind has bought destruction upon themselves, new hope arrives in the form of a seed.

Canada / Animated, Cordell Barker, 2009, 9 min
In this cartoon metaphor for capitalism run amok, happy passengers are having a great time on a speeding train, oblivious to the unknown fate that awaits them around the bend. The ensuing crisis leads to a class struggle that is as amusing as it is merciless.

Chicken Cowboy
USA / Animated, Stephen Neary, 2008, 6 min
Shelly the chicken wasn’t looking for a fight, but he found one. Can he face his fears and stand up for himself? Multi-award winning student animation from NYU’s Stephen Neary.

Veeti and Beanstalk
Finland / Animated/Live Action, Susanna Kotilainen, 2009, 13 min
Brimming with warmth, this mixed media, stop-motion film uses visual humor to tenderly convey the emotions of loss, love, and hope. Veeti’s mother cries so much that their house becomes flooded and rivers of tears start to flow from the windows. Try as he might, Veeti can’t make her stop. So he decks her out in galoshes and snorkel gear and grows a magical tree to the clouds to escape the deluge.

Ages 13 and up. Director Philip Montgomery, Producer Matt DeRoss (USA, 2010) / digital projection / 81 minutes / Newsfootage violence.

PCFF is proud to present our official closing night festival film ReGENERATION. We hope people leave this film inspired by what they have seen in the festival… and motivated to participation by what they relate to in this movie.

“No matter what we do, is it really going to make a difference?” This corrosive statement becomes the core of ReGENERATION a new documentary that succeeds as a lightning rod for social change through thought and action. Strongly calling out the apathy of the current generation of youth and young adults, the film presents a cross section of perspectives from a society fed more through corporate media than truth. Unique commentary on the problems facing our society are explored through an inspired collective of musicians (STS9), a 20-something conservative family, and a group of five suburban high school students looking for their place in the world. As the powerful evidence of our reliance on technology, disconnection with nature, excessive consumption, and loss of history add up, leading scholars from around the world (including Howard Zinn), social activists (Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman), and media personalities (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) stimulate the discussion with their wisdom and personal reflections. Narrated by Ryan Gosling, and engaging as it is insightful, ReGENERATION stands to be heard and energizes the audience to join its march to a world of passionate action.

Winner of Seattle International Film Festival 2010 Youth Jury Award

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A Shine of Rainbows
Ages 8 and up. Director Vic Sarin, (Canada,Irelend 2009) / dubbed in English / digital projection / 100 mins / Alcohol use.

A Shine of Rainbows resembles a live-action Disney film from the 1950s, with its boundless enthusiasm for gentle adventuring, warm domestic bonding, and tragic turns of fate. It serves as a nice change from films focused on the ills of modern youth or weighed down by bathroom humor. Tomas is a shy eight-year-old boy who’s been adopted and taken to a remote island in Ireland. He and his ornery father (Aidan Quinn) develop an emotional bond after experiencing a tragedy together.

“Hey, what’s not to like about cute orphans, baby seals, sweet moms and gruff dads with hearts of gold? And rainbows? If your heart is going thumpety-thump at such a prospect, here is the movie for you. No, I’m serious. And kids may really love it.” – Roger Ebert

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival – 1st Prize Children’s Jury Award for Feature- Oct 2009
Official Selection London Film Festival 2009
Official Selection Portland International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection Vancouver International Film Festival 2009

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Summer Wars
Ages 11 and up. Director Mamoru Hosada, (Japan, 2009) / in English / digital projection / 111 mins. / Strong language, avatar violence.

PCFF is proud to bring a 2010 Academy Award entry for Best Animated Feature. This suspenseful story carries a strong warning message about the internet as it is evolving today. When one computer savvy teenager unwittingly cracks a security code to an international site that most people use everyday…havoc ensues. With ingredients of uncommon-nerd heroes, Takeshi Murakami designed internet avatars and of course, teenage crushes… this film will keep you glued to your seat, laptop, Smartphone…

Kenji is a teenage math prodigy recruited by his secret crush Natsuki for the ultimate summer job – passing himself off as Natsuki’s boyfriend for four days during her grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. But when Kenji solves a 2,056 digit math riddle sent to his cell phone, he unwittingly breaches the security barricade protecting Oz, a globe-spanning virtual world where millions of people and governments interact through their avatars, handling everything from online shopping and traffic control to national defense and nuclear launch codes. Now a malicious AI program called the Love Machine is hijacking Oz accounts, growing exponentially more powerful and sowing chaos and destruction in its wake.

This intriguingly intelligent cyberpunk/sci-fi story is a visual tour-de-force, with the amazing world of Oz as the highlight. Like the Internet as conceived by pop artist Takashi Murakami, Oz is a hallucinatory pixel parade of cool avatar designs, kung fu jackrabbits, toothy bears, and a bursting rainbow of colors.

“A stunning mixture of hand-drawn and CGI visuals in an endlessly colorful world filled with grotesque, razor-sharp toothed avatars. Its thematic ambition and dazzling visual style ultimately make it one of the more rewarding anime efforts to reach these shores!” – Hollywood Reporter

“A whirlwind of a film! Further proof Japan does grown-up children’s stories better than the United States!” – New York Times

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Super Speedway
All ages / Director Stephen Low, (USA, 1997) / digital projection / 50 mins. / loud car sounds

Enjoy this inside look at the nuts and bolts of Indy racing cars. Mario Andretti and his son Michael race in competition with cameras mounted on their cars, capturing the speed and heart-pounding thrills of racing in a way few films have ever attempted. Paul Newman is the narrator and the stars are the CARS! IMAX is widely known as a film format venue of…LARGE and LOUD. Super Speedway and many other experiential films were the first to be shown regularly in IMAX venues. It would sensationalize a topic that people could learn about as well as enjoy…not a common combination. We brought it here to our festival to re-introduce to a younger generation.

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The White Lion
Ages 9 and up / Director Michael Swan (South Africa, 2009) / in English / digital projection / 88 mins / some animal fighting scenes may be challenging for sensitive viewers

Travel to the wilds of Africa for a folktale that will enchant the entire family. Gathered around a campfire, an elder tribesman spins an epic tale of tribal history, captivating young listeners from the start with the birth of a white lion named Letsatsi. His white fur sets him apart from the other lions, making him an outcast among his lion pride and a target for predators. For the Shangaan people, a white lion is legendary, a messenger from the gods. A young Shangaan tribesman named Gisani takes it upon himself to protect Letsatsi at all costs. As he matures, he needs to survive on his own, learning from other lions on his way across the South African plains and into the realm of the most dangerous predator: a human trophy hunter. Shot on location in South Africa, White Lion is awe-inspiring in its lush scenery and intimacy with its wild subjects. Young audiences will love the beautiful, wild animals and dramatic suspense, while older audiences will find the depth of a unique coming of age story that is creatively told with an appreciation for the natural world.

Winner of three SAFTA awards 2009!

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Your Shorts Are Showin’ (preschool edition)
All ages. / apx. 55 mins
PCFF proudly presents this reel of shorts that were submitted or invited to our 2011 festival. These films are a wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals and narratives. Some of these film makers are as young as YOU!

Saturday Feb 19, 2011 3:30 PM, Metcalf Auditorium FREE! (Tickets may be picked up in the lobby of the Chace Center of the RISD Museum on the day of the screening only)

Grampa Kevorkian
Director Claire Almon, (USA, 2010) 2 mins. / in English / digital projection.
What do you think of when you remember your grandparents? Is it the smell of their house, the feel of a scratchy sweater they wear, or the way they crinkly their eyes when they smile at you? Grampa Kevorkian is a love letter to those precious memories we have about the ones we love.

Kevin the Superhero
Directors Catherine Kunze, Jacob Wellendorf, (Denmark, 2009) 9 mins. / in Danish with English subtitles / digital projection.
The Yellow House is a documentary project, made for children of Denmark, about living side by side with different cultures. The main characters are two girls who have recently moved in; Chloe, aged 7 and Thea, aged 5. Through their exploration of the area we are invited into the homes of the different residents. In every episode, Chloe and Thea visit a new family or neighbour. The families are from widely different cultures, countries and social classes. In this particular episode… they visit their six-year-old friend Kevin who dreams of becoming a superhero.

Mig Said Series
Director Mig Jou, (Taiwan, 2010) 5 mins. / in English /digital projection.
What can a white bear have anything to do with a black bear? How can a penguin be inspired by birds? Do we only make friends with people similar to us? This short, children’s film attempts to convey the power of inclusiveness inspired by our differences.

The North Star
Director Gary Goldberger, John Lechner and Peter H. Reynolds (USA/2010) 15 mins. / in English / digital projection.
NY Times best selling author Peter H. Reynolds’ classic storybook is now a gorgeous 15 minute animated film with narration by Tim Curry and original score by Tony Lechner. Following a young boy’s journey throughout life, The North Star is an allegory that raises questions about which road we take, and how to seek out our own unique path through life. The North Star celebrates the individual. It invites us to rethink curriculum, career choices, and other critical life decisions in a way that respects who we really are and empowers us to use our own unique gifts.

The Olive Branch
Little Airplane Production, (USA/2010) 1 min. / in English / digital projection.
The Olive Branch is a brand new series currently in development about two very different characters who live together in the branches of a lovely olive tree. Each one-minute episode is a simple story about conflict resolution and is told entirely without words. This approach will insure that “The Olive Branch” can be shown in any country in the world without the need for translation or dubbing. And to make certain these episodes reach the widest possible audience, they will be made available to both domestic and international broadcasters for the price of one unit of that country’s currency per episode. “The Olive Branch” has received key endorsements from UNICEF, Deepak Chopra, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Murphy’s Shorts
Director Todd Hemker, (USA, 2009) 2 mins / digital projection.
A family watches a boy, who is very impressed with himself, confidently show off his moves on a high diving board. All seems to go according to plan until he enters the water… Oh the drama!

Little Airplane Production, (USA/2010) 4 mins. / in English / digital projection.
“Tobi!” is a series of four minute visual poems that premiered on Treehouse TV/Canada and Nickelodeon Australia on March 7 to coincide with UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting. Tobi is a little boy who wants to make his world a better place to live. Each episode helps preschoolers understand one pressing global issue as Tobi takes care of his world, which is represented in a visually striking and poetic way. In this episode Tobi goes with his friend to a beach.

Runaway Bathtub & Christmas Tree
Director Annie Poon, (USA, 2004) / 3 mins and 2 mins. / digital projection.
Two shorts by Paper Theater which created animated cartoons of cut paper and drawings. They engage the head, heart and funny bone. The shorts are autobiographical and tend to refer to magical moments in the director’s childhood.

Coal Puppet
Director Rick McLean, (USA, 2009) 5 mins. / digital projection.
Coal Puppet demonstrates nature’s power to destroy as well as to heal. Puppet creator Rick McLean, made the puppet and all the sets from debris he had gathered from the Deukmejian Wilderness park which was destroyed in the 2009 California wild fires.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your Shorts Are Showin’ (elementary school edition)
Ages 7 and up / apx. 60 mins

PCFF proudly presents this reel of shorts that were submitted or invited to our 2011 festival. These films are a wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals and narratives. Some of these film makers are as young as YOU!

Geb and Nut
Director Laura Ratta, (UK, 2009) 5 mins. / in English/ digital projection
The fairy tale is based on an Egyptian myth. The story narrates the love between Geb, the Earth god an Nut, the goddess of the sky. Although their love for each other is passionate and innocent, there are things beyond their control that keep them apart, a mysterious secret in the god’s palace.

Slap Back Jack: High Five Master
Director Mark Newell, (USA, 2010) 11 mins. / in English / digital projection.
Slap Back Jack: High Five Master is a kid friendly stop motion short narrated in rhyme. Professional baseball players have coaching for hitting, pitching and running. Superstar player Bub Stocky needs coaching for something only Coach Slap Back Jack can provide… his celebratory high five moves after hitting the ball well. Can Bub train away his clumsy and embarrassing moves? Oh the suspense!

El Salon Mexico
Director Paul Glickman (USA/Mexico 2010) 13 mins. / music driven narrative / digital projection.
A gorgeous tribute to music and culture. The lively composition created by Aaron Copeland surrounds this magical story of Antonito, who sneaks out of his home at night with his burro and rooster. The film is a celebration of the Mexican culture as well as a tribute to the incredible work of Aaron Copeland.

Lost and Found
Director Philip Hunt, (UK, 2009) 25 mins. / in English / digital projection
This film is certain to be a crowd favorite at this year’s festival. It’s not just your ordinary penguin meets boy story. Oh no. It’s a journey to find what everyone seeks…friendship. One need not travel oceans to find it, but for these two that’s exactly what it took.

New Spirit
Director Graeme Steller (USA/2010) 3 mins. / music driven narrative / digital projection.
New Spirit is a locally made video synchronizing yo-yo moves with music in a very theatrical way. Full of moves and high energy this short film will inspire you.

Murphy’s Shorts
Director Todd Hemker, (USA, 2009) 2 mins / digital projection.
A family watches a boy, who is very impressed with himself, confidently show off his moves on a high diving board. All seems to go according to plan until he enters the water… Oh the drama!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your Shorts Are Showin’ (middle school edition)
Ages 11 and up. / apx. 61 mins
PCFF proudly presents this reel of shorts that were submitted or invited to our 2011 festival. These films are a wide assortment of animation, live action, musicals and narratives. Some of these film makers are as young as YOU!

New Spirit
Director Graeme Steller (USA/2010) 3 mins. / music driven narrative / digital projection.
New Spirit is a locally made video synchronizing yo-yo moves with music in a very theatrical way. Full of moves and high energy this short film will inspire you.

Beneath the Same Sky
Director Dan Masucci, (USA/2010) 13 mins / in English / digital projection.
Regardless of your views of our military fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan one fact remains, MANY American families (especially children) struggle with having loved ones deployed to war. For ten-year-old James, the distance separating him from his mother becomes a lesson in sacrifice, maturity and how a father and son can grow closer through their shared feelings of separation.

The Clock That Ran Amok
Directed by Leszek Gałysz, (Poland, 2010) 9 mins / in English / digital projection.
Award-winning author Agnieszka Taborska, internationally-famed illustrator Antoni Boratyński, and renowned director, screenwriter and producer Leszek Gałysz have joined forces to create a magical film about happiness, loneliness and the passage of time. The book titled The Crazy Clock, upon which the film is based, was recognized by the German Academy for Children’s Literature for both its text and illustrations. A king ordered a magic clock built, a clock running faster in unhappy times and slower on days of contentment. Thus the king’s subjects could savor their happiness, while difficult times went by in a flash. Not for long. One day the clock acquired a soul and through it cast a spell enslaving the realm. Now the princess – aided by a stranger from a far-away land, a witch, a gardener, and a little sorceress – must release the clock’s grip on the kingdom…

Director Lena Bubenechik, (USA, 2010) 16 mins. / in English / digital projection.
Nana is bored, alone and craving sweets. Left alone by her preoccupied, older sister, and ignored by her friend, Nana is on the verge of falling off her diet before high school starts. By a chance meeting Nana runs into a Polish WWII survivor who invites her for tea. Nana finds out that the elderly lady has a sweet tooth as well. Will Nana’s sweet tooth get the better of her or will their meeting change her profoundly?

The Poodle Trainer
Director Vance Malone, (USA, 2010) 9 mins / in Russian w/ English subtitles / digital projection.
In this intimate portrait of destiny, passion, and loss, Irina Markova, a solitary Russian poodle trainer, reveals her transcendent relationship with her dogs, the childhood tragedy that sparked a lifetime of working with animals, and the welcome isolation behind the red velvet curtains of the circus. Sundance 2010 short film selection.

Three Times Me
Director Wendy J.N. Lee (USA, 2009) 4 mins / digital projection.
A young girl passes the time away under the table of another, boring, ‘adult’ dinner. Inspired by the footwear she sees under the table, her imagination takes off. Placing herself into real life roles that she associates with the style of shoe near her results in three wonderfully divergent (and empowering) directions.

Directed by Daniel Elwing and Kelly Meador, (USA, 2009) 3 mins. / digital projection.
Parallelostory, which is slang for “parallel love story” uses charmingly simple illustrations to weave an inter-dimensional tale of attraction. As always, Impactist duo (a.k.a. Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing) created everything in this short, including the music. It perfectly sums up their hand-made aesthetic and delightful sensitivity to color and form.

Safe Painting Dream
Director Julia Gandrud, (USA, 2009) 2 mins. / digital projection.
In a dream about art and change, the viewer rappels past windows of a building. In each room is a new and surprising event.

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Intro to Experimental Films/Tape Art

Any age that dares. / apx. 30 mins
PCFF proudly presents this reel of short experimental films that were submitted or invited to our 2011 festival. These films are a wide assortment of animation, live action and musicals. They may perplex, puzzle, entertain or even bother you.

Safe Painting Dream
Director Julia Gandrud, (USA, 2009) 2 mins. / digital projection.
In a dream about art and change, the viewer rappels past windows of a building. In each room is a new and surprising event.

Where There Here
Director Soyeon Kim, (USA, 2009)2 mins. / digital projection
A sand animation displaying a playful visualization of ‘Hide n’ Seek’ using African design and tribal music.

Canine Reveries
Directors Amy Lovera and Christina Ean Spangler, (USA, 2010) 15 mins. / digital projection.
What do dogs dream? Utilizing a variety of hand-made animation techniques, including cut paper, paint on glass, and object animation, we delve into the dream life of two dogs, imagining flights for tennis balls and salami shops in the sky. Concerning the Doodle was created to accompany Christine Southworth’s musical composition. The sound track is the live performance on Bang-on-a-can-All Stars.

Directed by Daniel Elwing and Kelly Meador, (USA, 2009) 3 mins. / digital projection.
Parallelostory, which is slang for “parallel love story” uses charmingly simple illustrations to weave an inter-dimensional tale of attraction. As always, Impactist duo (a.k.a. Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing) created everything in this short, including the music. It perfectly sums up their hand-made aesthetic and delightful sensitivity to color and form.
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Tape Art by Michael Townsend

Local artist Michael Townsend is best known for creating temporary murals and installation pieces using an assortment of colored masking tape. With his keen eye and dramatic spirit the effects of his works have impressed many people. He and fellow Tape Art collaborators work with school groups, psychiatric facilities, and hospitals to create powerful scenes that engage the public in the performance of art-making and enliven the site where they are created.

PCFF is proud to have him in our festival this year with three of his films… Woodpecker, Rash of Robberies and Ocean Riser. Each film utilizes stop-motion animation with an assortment of materials and techniques.

Woodpecker (2008)
A Tape Art animation created at the Worcester Art Museum. This public art work was created in 24 hours. All drawing, video editing and sound was executed in that time frame.

Rash of Robberies 2008
In this video, created for the band State Radio, the Tape Artists use stop-motion animation and a variety of materials – tape, wood cut-outs, digital imagery and real fire – to tell the story of a loving couple’s final moments. Directed by Sam White.

Ocean Riser (2010)
This is a tale of a young woman Laia who is tempted by “vanity, self indulgence and da club”. Along the way some of her peers succumb to these temptations while she tries to maintain self control. The actors are all participants in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act programs run by the city last summer. So, all the participants in shooting, creating props, credits and all that are a wide net of teenagers from all over Providence. If it shows, there is a chance that you can pull in an even more diverse demographic from the awesome neighborhoods all over this great city.