Well THAT happened!

What an absolute delight to have been back together again in person watching films together. Opening night’s film THE MAGIC FLUTE was a great way to kick off our event full of films, music, food and fun. Mozart was in das haus and did not fail to impress those who figured out he wasn’t an actual statue. Several times that night we overheard, “Wait a minute, did that statue just move…?”

The food tables created by RISD Caters were magnificent in flavor and detail. Being honored with a Certificate of Appreciation by Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos was just butter on the popcorn.

Speaking of popcorn, we never popped so much. Over 75lbs of popcorn kernels were used to create thousands of bags of fresh popcorn throughout the fest!











Our drop-in animation workshops throughout the festival were also a hit with all ages. The Gif-o-Graf crew of Sam and Willy were wonderful showing newbie filmmakers how easy a stop motion animation can be done on their just created designed stations. Keep your eyes peeled for more workshops to come!








Inspired by the wide range of international films we show every year, this year we offered a food/flavor every day to match the culture of a film being shown that day. It was a tasty endeavor that led to people enjoying curried veggies, baklava, maple candies, churros, donuts, pretzels, salmon and more! After hearing the feedback from our audiences its quite clear Tasty Cinema is here to stay!