Tasty Cinema!

Ah! The flavors of film!

The heart and soul of the festival are our films. We hope most, if not all films, will be “dinner table” films. A family is at home seated, food is served, the first bites are taken and then someone asks, “Can you actually ride giant porcupines?”…or “Mom/Dad, how old were you when you learned to dance?”…or, “What books are banned in the library we go to?” A nice break from, “How was school today?” At PCFF we strongly believe WHAT YOU WATCH MATTERS. It’s food for the mind. Feast with us this February! 

And because this is a “feast of films” there will most certainly be flavors to try as we heat up our Tasty Cinema program. Each day of the festival a country is chosen from the film line-up and a flavor is created for you to try from that culture. Below is this festival’s soup line-up. Small cups available for sipping… small bowls for those who commit to the flavor!