2023 Reel Connections

Watch a film… experience a connection.



Reel Connection = THE MAGIC FLUTE + TEN31 

THE MAGIC FLUTE was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. TEN31 Productions (ya’ might know their work as live gargoyles at WaterFire) offers a Mozart option from their Living Art collection. Mozart was invited… and accepted! Wofie was in das haus for some selfies (or Wolfies if you prefer).








Reel Connection = PONY BOYS + A horse, of course! + “Pony Boy” Tony Whittemore

Wild horses could not drag us away from this screening of “Pony Boys, “a true story of two young boys (9 and 11) taking an epic journey with their horse and carriage. One Pony Boy, Tony was able to join us and share his stories of their journey. Of course, Will ended up being the “mane” event but Tony didn’t mind. 









Reel Connection = JANWAAR + Trina Vithayathil (caste system scholar)

Inspired by the short film Janwaar in the OUR BLUE MARBLE reel, Trina Vithayathil, Associate Professor of Global Studies at Providence College gave a short presentation about what a caste system is and how it affects the lives of people of all ages in India today.   








Reel Connection = BEE THE SOLUTION + Dr. Katie Burns (bee expert)

Inspired by the short film BEE THE SOLUTION we are buzzing with excitement that Dr. Katie Burns will join us after this short film at 2:00pm. Dr. Burns makes science exciting for people of all ages! She’s an expert on bees, butterflies and our other pollinating neighbors and will join us to talk about the bees in your backyard and how you can get involved in a community science project. 






In POSSIBLE SELVES we witness the reality of being a foster youth while also seeing that every person’s experience is different and nuanced. The film also shows us the positive impact that individuals and families can have when the system works. After the film we heard how the BE AN ANCHOR program helps foster youths and families here in R.I.





Reel Connection = INTO LIGHT + ADJUSTMENT + Youth Pride Inc

Several films within the I’MPOSSIBLE film reel follow a young person’s gender journey as they seek to live as their authentic selves. Following I’MPOSSIBLE, Andy Taubman from Youth Pride Inc spoke about how they are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of youth and young adults impacted by sexual orientation and gender identity/expression while working to end the homophobic and transphobic environments in which they live, work, and play.




Reel Connection = CASABLANCA BEATS + Medusa Black

Mic Drop! If you’ve never met her, you can see her face gracing the side of a downtown building at 91 Clemence Street in a mural painted by Rhode Island’s own Shepard Fairey. Anjel Newman is the youth director at AS220, but when she takes the stage, she is Medusa Black. After CASABLANCA BEATS, Medusa Black performed one of her music pieces before talking with filmgoers about using hip-hop as a vehicle for self expression and giving tips to those inspired by the film to create some beats of their own. 





Special thanks to Jen Long for entertaining us with some top notch pre-show music and learning about the story of her whale guitar.









Also deserving of an enthusiastic shout out are the youth performers playing pre-shows of their own. Skill levels varied but never was their dedication/love for music more apparent.