Festival 2021

This year’s festival is best summed up by saying, “It’s like no other festival we have ever put on!” 

The ENTIRE festival will be held online. We will miss seeing you and your families in person, but knowing that the stories we share will be watched safely in your homes gives us a feeling of relief. Better days are ahead, and the less we gather together now, the sooner they will arrive.

The website you are reading this from is our native site. It’s the BEST place for up-to-date information. However, this site does not allow us to show films from it. Therefore, we are linking to another site that “looks” like it could be the same site but is not. You can tell you are on the screening site if you see the word “Eventive” in any part of the website address. 

On the PCFF screening site you can purchase tickets/passes, peruse our catalog of films and reserve a show you might want to see. We really like this website and it allows us to safely hold the festival this year. However, we have limited control on how it works. Should you have a question about how to watch a film on this site, there is a “Need help?” button on the top right of the festival catalog page. If you have questions about something specific to PCFF’s programs, or your pass is not working properly, etc. . . ., please contact eric@providencechildrensfilmfestival.org

One important thing to know is that ALL BUT ONE OF THE FILMS will be available for viewing starting Friday, Feb 12,, through Sunday, Feb 21. The ONLY exception is MY BROTHER CHASES DINOSAURS. This film can be watched ONLY on Saturday, Feb 13, and Saturday, Feb 20. For ALL other films, you can purchase admission to a show and once you unlock it you have seven days to watch it. Once you start to watch the film, you have 24 hours to finish it (or watch it again!). It says all of this on the screening site but it might not be obvious. Rest assured, the site will inform you of the time you have left.. 

Please vote for each film that you watch after it ends. The shorts programs should allow you to register a separate vote for each short film BUT you need to click on each film to do it. 

As we normally do every year we suggest age ranges for different films. This is an IMPERFECT science. You (parent/guardian) know your child’s sensitivities best. Please familiarize yourself with the topics covered and the caveats mentioned before allowing younger viewers to watch films you have selected. We pride ourselves on selecting films that can challenge people’s perceptions. What one parent considers a healthy challenge might be seen as inappropriate by others. We encourage you to inform yourself.