Teaching Youth the Craft of Filmmaking. Each year the Providence Children’s Film Festival offers children hands-on workshops to learn the craft of filmmaking. Over the years our workshops have popped up at RISD, Providence Children’s Museum, Burnside Park and a number of libraries across Rhode Island. Join our mailing list to learn about upcoming classes. Visit the PCFF Vimeo channel to see what kids have been creating!

Join the PCFF mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops. Click here for details about the February 2018 Youth Filmmaking Workshops.


2017 Filmmaking Workshops @ RISD

  • Children learn to think like filmmakers as they learn about: Found Object Character Creation Animation, Claymation, LIVE ACTION! Green Screen, Pixilation and Lightpainting Fun, Character Adventure with Sound Effects, LIVE ACTION! Special Effects and Camera Tricks, “Explore New Worlds” Adventure Animation. More details here.

2016 Filmmaking Workshops @ RISD

  • This year’s workshop lineup includes: Sci-fi Animation, Lightpainting, Claymation as well as three LIVE ACTION! workshops in Foley and Field Audio, Green Screen, and Special Effects and Camera Tricks. More details here.

2015 Filmmaking Workshops @ RISD

  • Workshops expanded to include Storyboard and Animation, Lightpainting, Animation, Lip Sync as well as three LIVE ACTION! workshops in Foley and Field Audio, Green Screen, and Special Effects and Camera Tricks.
    Watch 2015 videos here.

2014 PCFF GiveMe5 Youth Lab MAKE-A-MINUTE-MOVIE Challenge / October 18, 2014

  • 39 kids from across Rhode Island—divided into 6 teams—participated in our 1-Minute Make-a-Movie challenge. Youth, age 8-12, learned how to work collaboratively: to storyboard, shoot, and edit a film in five hours. At the end of the day each team presented their film to a standing room only crowd of the other workshop children, family, coaches and Media Lab, researchers. The kids articulated what they liked about their film and what they learned during the filmmaking process. It was a truly amazing experience for the kids and all of us watching these enthusiastic young filmmakers discuss their work! Watch 2014 videos here.

2014 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops at RISD

  • Watch our 2014 PCFF Workshop Reel compiled from 6 workshops for ages 6 – 14 February 8 & 9, 2014 at RISD. Workshops taught by a super talented team of local filmmakers and members of RISD’s Film/Animation/Video Department and include Green Screen This!, Flip Out! With Post Its!!!, Lightpainting, Animating the Festival Poster, Animation from A-Z, and Lip Sync. Video here.

2013 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops @ RISD

  • Animation from A to Z Students ages 7 to 10 made these short animations in a 3 hour animation workshop with instructor Annie LaVigne. Watch the video here.
  • Cut Paper Animation In this Workshop with Amy Lovera, kids ages 10-15 experimented with animating cut paper characters of their own design. It was screened at the Rhode Island School of Design as part of the Providence Children’s Film Festival. Watch the video here.
  • Animating the Festival Poster Students, aged 7-10, in this 3-hour workshop animated characters and elements from the 2013 Providence Children’s Film Festival poster, which was designed by 4eyesdesign with instructor Annie LaVigne. Watch the video here.

2012 Spring Break Video Workshop

  • From documentary to spy thriller, watch 6 films by students at the AS220 Spring Break Video Workshop here.

2012 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops @ RISD

  • Animation A to Z Kids aged 8 to 11 made these animations in a 2-hour animation workshop at the Providence Children’s Film Festival in 2012. They were given various objects to animate under the camera, and also did a pixilated film with RISD film student Annie Zhao. Annie LaVigne taught the workshop and edited the animations together with sound. RISD student Jiaying Lee served as a teaching assistant. Watch the video here.
  • Cut Paper Animation Kids ages 10 to 14 were invited to be the main character in a fantastic world of their own creation using cut-paper and stop-motion animation techniques. Instructed by Amy Lovera. Watch the video here.

2011 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops

  • Pixilation Workshop Kids aged 7-10 made this film in the 3-hour Pixilation Workshop at the 2011 Providence Children’s Film Festival. They came up with their own ideas to animate with their bodies and acted them out frame by frame.  Annie LaVigne was the workshop instructor, assisted by Caleb Wood and Derrick Wycherly. Annie LaVigne edited the film and added sound. Watch their videos here.
  • “Stop Action in Action” Tape Artists Michael Townsend and Colin Bliss led this animation workshop with students ages 10 and over at Cable Car Cinema. Watch their film, Das Aisle here.

2010 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops

  • Direct-to-Film These animations were made by kids participating in a direct-to-film animation workshop as part of the 2010 Providence Children’s Film Festival. The animation was done by drawing and scratching on 16 mm clear and black leader. Watch here.
  • Animation Workshop – Paper Cut Puppets These animations were made by kids participating in a cut-paper puppet animation workshop as part of the 2010 Providence Children’s Film Festival. Puppets were cut out of bristol board and jointed with wire then shot digitally. Watch here.