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Anisa Raoof | executive director

Anisa has a passion for film, design, community, and education. She studied Psychology and Painting at the University of Rochester. After spending a few years researching what makes children stress resilient, she decided to explore her creative side by designing jewelry and metal home accessories and co-founding the Providence Craft Show. Blending her experience in design, an interest in working with others, a fascination with new technology and as a new mom wanting to find interesting things to do with her kids, she created the online parenting resource Kidoinfo in 2007 and since then has partnered with numerous local organizations such as AS220, Greater Kennedy Plaza, the Partnership for Providence Parks, and the Providence Children’s Museum to create and support local family programming and activities. Anisa brings her entrepreneurial experience, collaborative way of thinking, social media savvy, and love for storytelling and moving images to her job with Providence Children’s Film Festival.

Eric Bilodeau | director of programming

Raised in Rhode Island’s family theater business, Eric Bilodeau has been programming cinematic venues for over thirty years. His experience spans the film exhibition horizon, including: advising and booking for large, multi-screen commercial cinemas, small art house venues, a multitude of international film festivals as well as programming his own traveling pop-up, Cricket Cinema. Running Providence’s beloved Cable Car Cinema for 18 years also sharpened his skills in a broad range of film genres. After selling the Cable Car in 2007, Eric was the Director of Programming for the Newport International Film Festival until he became the Director of Film Programming for Providence Children’s Film Festival in 2010.

supporting cast

Alyssa Biolchini | operations manager + development

Kristin Walcott | volunteer + special events coordinator

Elyse Major | pr + marketing

Elizabeth “Zim” Zimmermann | art + design work

Mike and Beth Bell | video production

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Jake Camara | web development

John Barnett and Isolde Maher | festival branding (2010-2016)

Morayo Sayles | photographer

Morayo Sayles is a RI Based Photographer specializing in Portrait and Event photography. Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Lagos, Nigeria; Morayo brings professional experience and multifaceted knowledge to her photography, to showcase the most poignant moments of human interaction. Morayo’s diverse background serves as a rich filter through which she views and captures life’s fun moments. Her quick eye for detail and beauty allows her to create gorgeous, candid scenes of your special day.

Morayo works tirelessly on all shoots to make sure special moments never slip by. With an excellent sense of humor, she creates a comfortable experience for all clients in front of and behind the camera. Alongside private event photography, she also works in the art community in RI to cover speaking functions and local events.