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About Us

who we are
Anisa Raoof, Executive Director
Eric Bilodeau, Director of Programming

Board of Directors
Margot Nishimura, President
Lindsay Shaw, Co-Secretary
Joanna Miller, Co-Secretary
Abby Stranahan, Treasurer
Roger Blumberg
Cathy Carr Kelly
Kate Flanders

Supporting Cast
Carly Baumann (Festival Volunteer Coordinator)
John Barnett and Isolde Maher | 4 Eyes Design
Kristin Fortier
Elyse Major (Marketing)
Mike and Beth Bell (embee studio)
(video production)
Carissa Abitabilo (RISD workshop coordinator)
Thomas "Jeff" Jefferson IV (Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP)

The PCFF Jury is comprised of both adults and children. At PCFF, youth have a voice from beginning to end in the selection of films. PCFF’s Junior Jury is composed of young film enthusiasts from age 5 to 13.

At most children’s film festivals children only serve on award juries. But PCFF’s Junior Jury gives children a unique opportunity and responsibility: working alongside an adult committee to select the final festival program from among hundreds of films that are submitted each year for consideration.


The Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF) brings high quality films for children and youth from around the world to Rhode Island and presents them as shared theatrical experiences for families and the community. The anchor event for the organization is an annual multi-day film festival of feature length and short films encompassing many genres, including live-action, animation and documentary, during the extended President’s Day weekend in February. PCFF also presents year-round screenings, often in partnership with other organizations throughout the state to increase the reach of its programming, especially to underserved communities. PCFF recognizes that film and video are among the most accessible and innovative, but also challenging, media for the communication of stories and ideas, both historical and contemporary, and thus education is as important to its mission as programming. In addition to the film viewing experience, PCFF provides opportunities to learn about the history of the medium and its critical context, as well as the craft of filmmaking, through media literacy programs, hands-on workshops, and filmmaker presentations.

The Providence Children’s Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Please find our mailing address under the Contact page.

Advisory Council
Sara Archambeault (Program Director, LEF Foundation)
Adrienne Gagnon (DownCity Design's co-founder and Executive Director)
Sarah Ganz (Director of Education, RISD Museum)
Marcin Gizycki (Artistic Director, Animator Int’l. Animation Festival, Poznan, Poland)
Renee Hobbs (The Harrington School of Communication and Media at URI)
Anne Kugler (Director, AS220 Youth)
Annie LaVigne (Film/Animation/Video Department, RISD)
Elizabeth Margulies (Family Programs Coordinator, Museum of Modern Art, NY)
Michaela O'Donnell (Educator, Providence Country Day School, Rhode Island)
Marina Relyea (2013 Volunteer Coordinator)
Steven Subotnick (Award Winning RI Animator)

Past PCFF Board Presidents
Brenda Shannon (2010-2013)
Margot Nishimura (2009-2010)

Founding PCFF Board Members

Eric Bilodeau
Kate Flanders
Margot Nishimura
Alison Reuter
Brenda Shannon
Lindsay Shaw
Abbot Stranahan
Nancy Van der Veer

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